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The Big Dog Art Trail


More than 30 larger than life balloon dog sculptures – the Swindogs – are going to be unleashed across town for the biggest and most colourful event in Swindon in 2023.

Be part of this exciting, first-time-ever event for the town as Swindon goes walkies!

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There are so many business benefits of sponsoring a Big Dog sculpture.

  • Gain media exposure for your business
  • Be part of an event which brings thousands of visitors to your local community
  • Improve brand awareness for your business or organisation in a unique and memorable way that will get everyone talking
  • Build a feel-good factor among your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Align your business with a well-respected local charity which provides vital services for people in your local community
  • Be part of something amazing
Become a sponsor

A Wild in Art Event

This event is presented by Julia’s House in partnership with Wild in Art. Swindon, get ready to have fun and explore!

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