Sparky - The Big Dog Art Trail

Artist: BA Illustration students at New College Swindon: Alice Irvine, Deej Helliker, Jass Clarke, Katie Gould and Kayleigh Lane
Third year students at New College Swindon (BA Hons, Illustration) created this sustainable living inspired design. The design was chosen by sponsor, National Self Build & Renovation Centre, whose work to make homes more energy efficient, inspired Sparky. The colour gradient is based on energy efficiency charts, moving from reds, representing less energy efficient buildings, to greens representing more energy efficient ones. The pattern of the houses and buildings drawn over the top of the design, represents the journey to make homes more energy efficient.

Sponsor: National Self Build & Renovation Centre
The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is the UK’S only permanent venue for independent homebuilding advice and support. Established in 2007, and owned by its employees, it has helped a quarter of a million visitors build their own dream home or extend and improve their existing property. In 2023, the award-winning business is focusing on sustainability and will be holding a number of special events, workshops as well as providing free resources to help people live in better homes.

Swindog Auction

After the trail finishes the Swindogs will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Julia’s House, your local children’s hospice charity. If you have sponsored a uniquely designed and decorated big balloon dog sculpture this will be your chance to adopt your Swindog.  Then it can go to its forever home where it can be enjoyed for many years to come!

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