Pill Bull Terrier - The Big Dog Art Trail

Artist: Pandemonia
Created mid 2000s by an anonymous London artist, Pandemonia is a multi-media conceptual art project. Using their celebrity life as a narrative, the London artist inhabits Pandemonia to create a wide range of art that reflects and comments on 21st century life.
Pandemonia makes art across a variety of media, including sculpture, digital art, photography, and performance, referencing the earliest movements of Pop Art to the most current worlds of celebrity, fashion and contemporary art.
They have exhibited in London, Belgium and Los Angeles.

Sponsor: Wasdell Group
Wasdell Group manufactures and packages products for the Pharmaceutical, Health and Nutritional sector and is an innovative force in this industry with a significant employer in Swindon with a range of skills from doctors and specialists, to warehousing and production staff.

Swindog Auction

After the trail finishes the Swindogs will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Julia’s House, your local children’s hospice charity. If you have sponsored a uniquely designed and decorated big balloon dog sculpture this will be your chance to adopt your Swindog.  Then it can go to its forever home where it can be enjoyed for many years to come!

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