Cosmo The Space Dog - The Big Dog Art Trail

Swindon-based artist, Harrie Dearing, specialises in abstract expressionism. Her work has a storytelling nature, exploring the shifting realms of identity and psychology. Harrie’s art is a personal act of catharsis. By sharing her work she hopes others find comfort in the dark. “Art is the way in which I digest the chaos of life, without it, I would implode, melting into a puddle like the witch at the end of The Wizard of Oz’,” says Harrie. A beautiful cosmic realm resides within this Swinpup. Vibrant colours and speckled light collide, forming an out of this world design.

Swindog Auction

After the trail finishes the Swindogs will be auctioned to raise vital funds for Julia’s House, your local children’s hospice charity. If you have sponsored a uniquely designed and decorated big balloon dog sculpture this will be your chance to adopt your Swindog.  Then it can go to its forever home where it can be enjoyed for many years to come!

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