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About Julia’s House

Julia’s House is your local children’s hospice charity, providing a lifeline of care for the most seriously ill children and their families across Wiltshire and Dorset.

Each family we support is unique and so is the care we provide. When a family finds out that their child has a very serious medical condition their world falls apart. Julia’s House exists to help these children and their families.

Our vital care is only possible thanks to donations. Please consider helping a local family and supporting Julia’s House today.

“It’s exhausting caring 24/7 for a child who is incredibly disabled, so when the Julia’s House nurses and carers come in and take over for a few hours it literally lightens everybody’s day up.”  Zoe, mum of Ted

How you could support Julia’s House

Make a donation

Your donation will help open up a whole new world of support and friendship for a family shattered by the news their child has a life-shortening condition.

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Leave a gift in your Will

A gift of just 1% from your Will can make 100% difference to overwhelmed parents going through dark times. Once you’ve taken care of your family, will you help us do the same for ours?

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We have a variety of volunteering roles available in a number of different areas of the charity. Whether you have some time to donate in one of our charity shops or volunteer at an event.

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Visit one of our shops

Shopping with Julia’s House is a truly unique experience. Our charity shops are like no other with their boutique-inspired interiors and beautifully laid out departments – you’ll just love browsing for bargains.

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Meet some Julia’s House families


Johnathon was born with his tummy connected to his lungs. “They told us, ‘Don’t expect too much. He’s not going to make it out of NICU,’ ” says mum, Leanne. “It was very hard and we felt helpless, but we believed he’d keep fighting and we still do.”

Johnathon has a very complex and genetic condition called CHARGE syndrome. Each letter represents a different medical and physical issue that you could have with the condition, and Johnathon has got nearly all of them.

When he was just seven hours old, Johnathon had a major operation to try to re-connect his tummy with his oesophagus but it didn’t work. His oesophagus sits on the outside of his neck now. He can’t swallow and he doesn’t have an airway, so he has a tracheotomy to help him breathe and he has to be tube fed.

“Even now, Johnathon can stop breathing up to 30 times a night,” says Leanne. “He’s on a monitor that measures his heart and oxygen levels, and when they get too low the alarm goes off. My heart just sinks when I hear it, and 12 years on it’s still scary. If I can’t give him oxygen, I have to try to wake him a little so he’ll breathe again.”

Read Johnathon’s story
Johnathon with his family


Teenager Josh loves acting and drama – and spending time with friends. But life can be tough when you have a life-threatening condition that separates you from your peers.

Josh loves music and theatre and acting – putting on a show – he is so full of life and yet has to take life easy,  go steady, which is really hard on him.

Josh has what’s known as hand and heart syndrome. He was born with the tubes to his heart and lungs the wrong way round so no oxygen was going to his right lung. He also had a bone missing in his left arm and a club hand.

Josh can go down downhill very quickly. Just everyday things like walking can tire him and he has a wheelchair if he needs to go out and about over any distance. Everything is a lot harder in cold weather as his breathing and heart are affected – winter can be a particularly tough time for him.

Read Josh’s story
Josh with his mum

A Wild in Art Event

This event is presented by Julia’s House in partnership with Wild in Art. Swindon, get ready to have fun and explore!

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