Mimi Salter - A Level Fine Art, New College - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet Mimi Salter – A level Fine Art, New College

About Mimi Salter

New College Swindon student, Mimi Salter, is currently in year one of her A Level studies, which includes A Level Fine Art. All learners in A Level Fine Art were able to submit a design based on a presentation given to them by employees from Arval UK, which informed the students about the company and its future ideas.

Mimi’s design was chosen by Arval UK. In her design, Mimi decided to include elements of future and current electric transport, sustainable energy production and connect these with the local area.

The experience was fantastic for all students and for Mimi herself who was able to experience the real workings behind how designs are selected and how these designs are then transferred into final outcomes. From this experience, Mimi hopes to work in design and in the arts in the future.

Mimi Salter said, “I knew Arval was a car company, so I wanted to include roads and cars in my design and how to make it more sustainable for the future.

“I also wanted to make it fun, hence the bright colours that have been used.

“Going to Arval to present to them my design for selection was very scary but it was also important to learn how to present to people and show my designs to the people there.

“When I found out my design was picked by Arval for The Big Dog Art Trail I was in my art lesson and I was told by my art teacher and that was a really nice moment.

“To have this sculpture on the trail means a lot to me because I like seeing my art in physical form and especially out in nature, which is what it will be in Lydiard Park.

“It is exciting to think how many people will be coming to see my Swindog.”


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