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About Robert Mach

Robert Mach is a widely-known Scottish artist, who transforms everyday objects with foil sweet and cake wrappers.

His favourite wrappers to use are from Tunnock’s tea cakes. Robert used to have to eat lots of teacakes to cover his sculptures, but these days Tunnock’s give him sheets of wrapping to work with instead.

Robert’s work has featured at London’s Royal Academy and Royal Scottish Academy and he has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.

In addition to his solo work, Robert often joins forces with other artists, including his brother David Mach who has created his own Swindog and Swinpup sculpture for The Big Dog Art Trail.

“I’ve used a material on my Swindog that I have used lots of times, which is the wrappers from Tunnock’s tea cakes.

“In the past I’ve bought them in the shop and eaten every single tea cake and then applied the wrapper after smoothing it out very carefully.

“Thankfully, these were on a big role, that the sponsor of the sculpture, Tunnock’s, kindly gave me. So I didn’t have to eat them this time because my teeth are falling out.

“In the past I’ve done them in the one colour, so red or blue, but this time I decided to do a tartan on the Swindog.

“These trails are tremendous. Generally when you are an artist, you spend a lot of time on your own and not dealing with other people and you’re competing to get your work out there, but these trails give you a great opportunity to mix with other people, getting your artwork out there and it is fun.

“Also, it is going to a great cause and you are helping a charity with your artwork, which is very rewarding.”

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Robert Mach
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