New College Swindon: BA Illustration Students - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet BA Illustration students at New College Swindon

About BA Illustration students at New College Swindon: Alice Irvine, Deej Helliker, Jass Clarke, Katie Gould and Kayleigh Lane

Third year students at New College Swindon (BA Hons, Illustration) created this sustainable living inspired design. The design was chosen by sponsor, National Self Build & Renovation Centre, whose work to make homes more energy efficient inspired Sparky.

The colour gradient is based on energy efficiency charts, moving from reds representing less energy efficient buildings, to greens representing more energy efficient ones. The pattern of the houses and buildings drawn over the top of the design represents the journey to make homes more energy efficient.

Alice Irvine said, “The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is one of the sponsors, so there was the opportunity to design their dog.

“I designed my sculpture knowing that they help make people’s homes more energy efficient.

“When you get thermal images showing red where energy is being lost and green where it is well insulated, I wanted to depict that gradient on my Swindog.

“I also went around Swindon and took pictures of different types of architecture and then loosely based the houses on the sculpture design with what you’d find around Swindon.

“I was really surprised and excited when I found out The NSBRC had picked my design and to now see it become a real thing is amazing.

“I’ve been to some of the Wild In Art trails before in different places and I’ve always thought it is a fun and exciting thing to do and a way of seeing different art.

“I really can’t believe my design is going to be one of them.”

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