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About Pandemonia

Created mid 2000s by an anonymous London artist, Pandemonia is a multi-media conceptual art project. Using their celebrity life as a narrative, the London artist inhabits Pandemonia to create a wide range of art that reflects and comments on 21st century life.

Pandemonia makes art across a variety of media, including sculpture, digital art, photography, and performance, referencing the earliest movements of Pop Art to the most current worlds of celebrity, fashion and contemporary art.

They have exhibited in London, Belgium and Los Angeles.

“I’m delighted to be painting a Swindog for Julia’s House.

“I like painting and I think it is going to be very exciting creating some public art on such an interesting sculpture.

“I can’t reveal my design yet but it will be a very amusing, colourful, celebration of art.

“Julia’s House is a great charity and is a great opportunity to for artists to get involved and give something back and help with artistic skills and talent.”

 – Pandemonia

Artist Pandemonia and her Swindog
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