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Meet MrASingh

About MrASingh

MrASingh is an award-winning artist, who creates notable art using various mixed media techniques and vivid colour.

His art is a salute to nature’s beauty, mixed with inspiration from world cultures,and amplified through rich textures, mesmerising line work and impressive story telling.

MrASingh’s art is sold all over the world and has been featured in over 30 exhibitions and in major city locations all over the UK, US and Europe.

His design, Creative Twist, is inspired by the creative explosion in our towns and cities. The excitement, wonder and curiosity is symbolised in splatter spray paint texture and the brightly coloured mandala patterns represents all the different cultures around us.

“It feels absolutely amazing to be part of The Big Dog Art Trail.

“It is my first time in Swindon and when I saw the design, I thought this was going to be a fantastic trail to be part of.

“I thought it was a fun, whimsical sculpture design that I hadn’t worked on before and I wanted to bring my style, vibrant colours and what I’m known for to a new town.

“My sculpture is called Creative Twist which is inspired by the wonder of everything around us, from nature to celebrating our own city. The ‘twist’ is a nod to the process in balloon making.”

“Hopefully it will inspire you to explore your own town through curiosity and then when you do look closer, you’ll notice lots of layers, detail and textures.

“My sculpture is full of vibrant colours, from pinks, purples to blues, with various mandala patterns all over, and two lotus flowers that you’ll have to spot.”

“I’ve used spray texture, spray splatter and glitter, so when it hits the sun, it’s going to look very cool and hopefully glisten from a distance.”

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