Mike Pringle - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet Mike Pringle

About Mike Pringle

Swindon-based artist and historian Mike Pringle he has been a professional designer and artist for many years.

He has designed and illustrated all sorts of work, including material for Thomas the Tank Engine and more recently a number of memorials around the parks of Swindon.

Mike is heavily involved with the volunteer-run Richard Jefferies Museum in Swindon, which celebrates the local Victorian writer, whose words and passion for nature, and our relationship to it, are more important today than ever.

Mike used this as his inspiration for his Swindog design, which reflects the local nature, both wild and agricultural, plus the industrial world that sits in the midst of it all.

“I was thrilled that my design was selected.

“I’ve been involved in the arts and heritage of Swindon for years, so when The Big Dog Art Trail popped up, it just seemed like the perfect thing for this town.

“I am connected with the Richard Jefferies Museum, which has a real focus on nature and wildlife in this area, and I just thought it would be good to bring that to life on one of these sculptures.”

“All of the time I have been in Swindon, it has felt there has always been arts going on under the surface.

“Last year we had this big thing with murals popping up across the town and this year with the art trail, it feels like there is some real momentum with urban art and people from the community really engaging.

“Because there will be 30 of the sculptures, plus all the Swinpups, everywhere you go in Swindon you’ll be able to see the trail and people in Swindon will really rally behind it and everyone will be talking about it.”

Mike Pringle
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