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Meet Marta Zubieta

About Marta Zubieta

Based in Bristol, Marta Zubieta is a Spanish artist, muralist and illustrator. Her work explores pop culture, social media, psychedelia and nature.

The Life Of The (Lydiard) Fields is a celebration of life and summer in Wiltshire and a tribute to the Swindon writer Richard Jefferies.

For this tribute to the writer Marta has taken quotes from the Victorian writer’s book, The Life of the Fields, and has let the drawings flow. Through admiring, analysing and describing the Wiltshire countryside, Richard saw patterns and the collective soul in nature.

Marta has reproduced these ideas in her design through the eyes in the natural elements and the repetitions. Dandelions, poppies and animals accompany the writer’s quotes to remind us to appreciate the nature that surrounds us.

“Life of the fields is inspired by Richard Jefferies, a Swindon nature writer who I found through the magic of the internet.

“I felt very connected with what he said about nature, it was incredible and I thought more people should know more about him.

“I included some quotes from his book, Life of the Fields, on the sculpture so people can read them and if they like it then they can do some more research into him.

“I then found out that there was another artist on the trail, Mike Pringle, who is also doing a Richard Jefferies-inspired design, which is amazing.

“My art is normally very pop and neon and a bit psychedelic and I think that works very organically into my Swindog Sculpture design.

“I think the trails are a great way to travel around the country, meeting other artists from the area and finding out more about each place and the culture. I love it.”

Marta Zubieta
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