Kitty Shepherd - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet Kitty Shepherd

About Kitty Shepherd

Kitty Shepherd is an internationally recognised British studio potter and ceramic artist known for her bold use of colour with slip.

Kitty describes the natural world and popular iconography in a way that is totally unique in the ceramic discipline.

Her ideas come to life in her work to form interesting connections between familiar iconic images.

What is it like to be involved in The Big Dog Art Trail?

Creating a design and working on a HUGE dog for the art trail has been a very exciting adventure. I am a Ceramic Artist and this was a new experience for me to work with acrylic paints on fiberglass.

My design changed from the original idea once I saw the sculpture. The name of the piece changed too. This is ‘PUPPY LOVE’, a title that reflects all the hearts which cover it and a nod to Donny Osmand because so much of my ceramic work is about music, popular culture and nostalgia.

How was the experience of painting the sculpture in the live space in Worthing?

I chose this very visible art gallery space in Worthing West Sussex to work in knowing that it would attract a lot of attention combined with the May Day bank holiday it maximised the footfall enormously. I also come from this town and I am well known in the area.  It was very, very busy.

Excellent signage provided by the galley pointed all photo snappers to share their  images on all the social media hashtags guaranteeing that this artwork was very much ‘live’ and travelling everywhere!

I didn’t have much time to look up and see what was happening outside and so the evening round of social media viewing for me was a lovely treat to see who came by. The gallery was normally restricted access, but there were times when people came inside, the children in particular had parents returning daily to see ‘THE BIG DOG’.

What does it mean to be able to support a charity like Julia’s House with your art?

It has been a new experience for me to support a charity in this way, I have received several other requests to do the same with other charities.

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