Julie Greenaway - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet Julie Greenaway

About Julie Greenaway

Julie Greenaway is a former Wiltshire College student who now works as a Graphic Designer in Exeter.

As a creative, Julie’s role and work is continually growing and evolving; she is always inspired by the world around her and looks to nature for a fresh take. Julie is always keen to be involved in art projects and, as a big dog lover, the Swindog was the perfect canvas to not only get creative, but give something back to the community and Julia’s House children’s hospice charity.

Her Woofley Wiltshire design aims to take you on a journey, encompassing many of the surrounding features and history of Swindon, from the steam trains to the football club.

“It’s really exciting for me for me to be part of The Big Dog Art Trail.

“I have a lot of roots in Wiltshire and so it is nice to come back and visiting the place that I haven’t been back to for a while.

“The design takes a lot of time but I am hoping I am creating a quintessentially Swindon Swindog.

“I’m trying to create something that is family friendly.

“Working in the shared artist space has been great. It’s a really lovely atmosphere and the artists have all been helping each other out with advice and assistance and there is a real team spirit.”

Julie Greenaway posing with her Swindog sculpture
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