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Meet Mike Judy Guillery

About Judy Guillery

Living in Swindon her whole life and loving her home town, artist Judy Guillery is thrilled to be part of The Big Dog Art Trail.

Judy mainly works on small bespoke commissions for people, which are personal and unique to them. She always wants her artwork to be uplifting and she’s proud to say she makes people very happy.

Judy often involves typography in her designs. In her design, the message ‘Love Grows’ is represented by the perseverance and growth of trees and nature.

Judy hopes her design will delight children with its cute creatures and bright colours, and also convey the important topic of wildlife conservation.

“It’s a dream come true to have a Swindog sculpture on The Big Dog Art Trail,” Judy said.

“My design is nature based and will has the words ‘love grows’ across it with flowers and cute creatures.

“I wanted to do something eye-catching to children, where they could look for the different elements.

“With the Swindog, it will be a chance for me to put my art on the map. It really feels like I’ve arrived.

“To do it alongside my son as well, is very special.

“We are among some extraordinarily talented artists which is such an honour. I’m really excited to get out on the trail and see the finished pieces in situ.”

Judy Guillery
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