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About Jess Perrin

Jess Perrin is an illustrator and designer, living and working in Birmingham. Jess loves to create work that appeals to young people, using bright and fun colours as well as cute characters.

Jess has created over 55 sculptures for Wild in Art since 2017, raising more than £150,000 for various charities through the sale of her work. For her Home Is Where The Dog Is design, Jess was inspired by the joy and creature comforts of a happy home.

Jess’ design depicts a collection of houses, sprawling out into the wider countryside. The limited colour palette in the design helps create a sense of calm and space, reminding us all of how lovely it is to live within a community.

“It means a lot to be part of The Big Dog Art Trail.

“I think Julia’s House is a wonderful charity and it is a really beautiful sculpture to be able to put my work on.

“I am really pleased to be part of such a fantastic trail alongside so many other talented artists.

“My design is called Home is Where the Dog is and is based on the concept that a house never really feels like a home without a pet.

“I did notice that Nationwide had come on board as one of the main sponsors and are such a massive name with their head office in Swindon, so I thought why not try and design a sculpture that would work for them.

“I think it is about 60 sculptures I have painted now since 2017. It is really great being part of this artistic community.

“Every time I paint a sculpture I am opened up to some amazing artists.

“My work has raised more than £150,000 for charities since 2017 and that is a really nice thing to be able to do.”

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Jess Perrin
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