New College Swindon: Art & Design Skills - The Big Dog Art Trail

Meet New College Swindon students, Level 2 BTEC Art & Design Skills

About New College Swindon students, Level 2 BTEC Art & Design Skills

Lead artists; Anushka Naik and Nikita Rebello.

Nikita and Anushka have recently completed a BTEC Level 2 Art and Design course and plan to continue their studies – Nikita in Textiles to follow her interest in rich patterns and textures and Anushka, who loves bold colour and design, in Art & Design.

Lead designers; Lewella Simmons, Lydia Herdman, Ben Warren, Clenny Pereira, Jazmine Manning.

Lewella travels almost 50 miles daily to study her full-time course at New College. She has a passion and talent for textiles and landscape painting and is looking forward to studying Level 3 Textiles.

Ben loves many types of art including music and sound production and will be continuing his studies in Music Production.

Lydia is a talented illustrator who is now progressing to a Level 3 course pursuing varied interests including psychology and music as well as art and design.

Jazmine is excited to now move up to Level 3 having developed a wide range of art and design skills including fine art painting, ceramics, and digital design.

Clenny is a fine artist who has already been offered commissions on his exquisite drawings. He is going onto study Fine Art and Historical Art Practice at New College.

This Swindog design was inspired by Julia’s House charity and Clementianna, the wicked Queen of Snow White, and was chosen by sponsor, Wyvern Theatre.

Course lead Heidi Nardoni said: “It’s been really exciting being involved in The Big Dog Art Trail and it has been a break away from their usual units of work.

“Our students are getting to work with a work experience project which means something in their local community.

“Six designs were selected and we have pieced together the best bits to make what will be the final design to present the panto on the trail.

“Thousands of people will see the student’s work, everyone who goes to the theatre will see it and it encourages engagement in the arts in our local community, so we are really proud to be part of this amazing project.”

Lewella said: “It’s really fun having the opportunity to show my work to thousands of people and working in a team to deliver the Swindog.

“I’ve grown up seeing different trails and it will be fun to have my work on one and I can’t wait to show it to my friends and family.”

Anushka, another of the Level Two Art and Design students, added: “My part of the design is the forest where Snow White lives and it will have lots of trees and animals that live in the forest.

“It is a good opportunity for me to have the chance to have my work on display although it is quite a challenge as well.”

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