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Meet Hannah Jayne-Lewin

About Hannah Jayne-Lewin

Hannah Jayne-Lewin is a freelance illustrator based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

She loves drawing and creating fun characters to make people smile and her work has been used across a variety of areas from children’s publishing to wall murals and window art.

Her design, ‘Adventure Hound’ was inspired by the adventures of Sir David Hempleman Adams, who was born in Swindon.

“It is amazing to be a part of the trail and I love the fact I can get my work out on the streets of Swindon and get lots of people seeing it.

“It is for a great cause as well and I love that my work will be available for people of all ages to see and engage with.

“My design was inspired by Sir David Hempleman Adams, who was an adventurer and explorer born in Swindon and has lots of amazing achievements from reaching both the North and South Pole to sailing around the world.

“With my design being sponsored by the headline sponsor, Imagine Cruising, I wanted to link it to the cruise company, so you’ll be able to spot a little cruise ship that I have put on there.

“This year has been a bit crazy because, since February, I have painted 10 sculptures and it has been pretty non-stop since then.”

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Hannah Jayne-Lewin
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