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Meet Donna Newman

About Donna Newman

Working with schools across the Midlands, Donna seeks to inspire young people by transforming their learning environments with her vibrant artwork. She is a self-proclaimed addict of public art trails and has worked closely with Wild in Art on over 70 sculpture commissions, helping to raise more than £250,000 for charities through their sales.

Donna’s fun and playful style will be seen on two of the Swindog sculptures. One will be transformed into a giant cactus. Amusingly ironic, the artist has created a spiny plant out of the balloon dog form. With its feet rooted in Mexican style terracotta plant pots, the luscious green succulent is in bloom with vibrant pink flowers.

The other will be a Hot Dog. It is big, it’s bold and it’s covered in ketchup! A fun play on words, this design transforms the sculpture into a giant hot dog. The larger-than-life smoked sausage, nestled between bread rolls and smothered in mustard, looks good enough to eat.

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Donna Newman
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