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About David Mach

David Mach is one of the UK’s most successful and respected artists.

He is known for his dynamic and imaginative large scale collages, sculptures and installations using diverse media, including coat hangers, matches, magazines and many other materials.

The Scottish artist, who now lives and works in London, was nominated for the Turner Prize in the late 1980s for a string of critically acclaimed installations.

Today, Mach’s works are in the collections of the National Galleries of Scotland, the National Portrait Gallery in London, and the McMaster Museum of Art in Hamilton, among others.

David has not only designed a Swindog, he’s also created a smaller Swinpup design for The Big Dog Art Trail! David’s brother, Robert Mach, has created his own wildly different Swindog design as well. Can you spot them all?

“I do a lot of charity things but it is nice to work on a Swindog because their design is an iconic one in the art world.

“We have a Swinpup and a Swindog sculpture, so it is like a mum and a pup and we are treating them like that.

“When it comes to the design, we are trying to make a sweet and happy sculpture and I have been looking at Beanos and Dandys and picked out words from there, like whoopee and other made up words.

“They are very bright and colourful.

“There will be a link between the two sculptures, almost as if they are talking to each other with the words that appear on both.

“The trails are very good and the public are very receptive to them and enjoy seeing the sculptures in their town.

“It is very important to support charities like Julia’s House children’s hospice, it’s a great cause and I’m happy to be involved and helping it out.”

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David Mach
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